FTLDNS+ Unbound on OpenWrt install



Please correct me where I am mistaken!

  1. Apparently Pihole doesn’t do QoS like OpenWrt sqm- cake so I thought I should try OpenWrt first with QoS, dnsmasq+ DNS blocks (as in Pi-hole), and nodogsplash captive external portal via LuCI webUI. Of course I will miss the nice Pi-hole graphics sans a Grafana install later.

  2. So can I use FTLDNS+ Unbound DNS setup on my OpenWrt? Any benefits if not installed on Pihole ( I am assuming all the filtering and security advantages listed except perhaps DNS logging will apply)?


We can’t support Pi-hole installations on routers, sadly.


That wasn’t the question…unless you mean to say that FTLDNS+ Unbound cannot be accessed as DNS servers from a router?

The idea is similar to below thread- basically using Pi-hole FTLDNS server address, maybe even the DNS address block setup. Pi-hole doesn’t have QoS that I would like (available on OpenWrt of course.)

I plan to use an Amlogic Android Box (1/8 GB, quadcore 1.5Gbps) hardware for OpenWrt, so don’t expect performance problems as on consumer routers !

Main question: Would this FTLDNS+ Pi-hole DNS block do any better with OpenWrt as above than dnsmasq + adblock natively on OpenWrt?


Your wording seems to imply that you are installing Pi-hole on OpenWRT.
OpenWRT is usually installed on routers, and OpenWRT is not one of our supported distros.
Pi-hole can not provide QoS because no traffic goes through it, besides DNS and DHCP requests.


If you look carefully I said I would like to use OpenWrt instead of Pi-hole exactly because Pi-hole doesn’t have QoS!

Then I asked if I could use FTLDNS on OpenWrt and whether this install would be any better than the OpenWrt native dnsmasq + adblock.

Given the confusion here, I posted #6:


So if you are not going to use pihole than I do not see why this questions would be here and not on the openwrt forums?

If you run Davidc502 build he has dnscrypt built-in and if you want to run unbound there are plenty of tutorials for that plus openwrt has it own set of adblock options.

If you want to use FTLDNS on your router instead of dnsmasq I do not think this is supported unless you wanted to build from source but pihole has stated they are not much different so they can take fixes from dnsmasq quiet easily. So what that means is FTLDNS is built for pihole.

Would be great if one day it was built out to support many other formats.

I personally use David’s LEDE build with a Pi Zero setup with pihole and unbound.


I updated above with that new post reference. Please suggest more…

The confusion has arisen because everyone assumes you can only do OpenWrt on a (low spec) router !

Of course I like to know if the native dnsmasq+ adblock on OpenWrt are any different than the Pi-hole 4.0 with FTLDNS?

Will appreciate Davidc502 link.


They are not all that different, FTLDNS is a fork but is similar so pihole devs can easily take upstream bug fixes from dnsmasq.

It would be great if FTLDNS could be used on a larger scale in the future though. But I think for now it is solely built for the benefit of pihole.

SQM-Scripts can be configured on just about any linux OS not just OpenWRT.

Here is a link to David’s builds

On top of that I believe there is a install for RPI devices for OpenWRT, would be terrible but as I understand it does work.


Ok. Nice new pic :cat::cat:

So I can install Pi-hole 4.0 on CoreElec via opkg on an Amlogic S905 box alongwith others?

Does cake-sqm and nodogdplash install need OpenWrt install first on CoreElec as above, or are they both independent packages to be installed directly as you imply?

Sqm-scripts on OpenWrt are now deprecated in favor of sqm-cake now, I believe.


Those second set of questions are probably more for openwrt forums not pihole. I do not have that answer for you.

I do not know enough about CoreElec to answer those questions.


I checked your link and am going to Davidc502 on OpenWrt !