FTL service says it offline

I am running CentOS 9 Stream with SELinux enforcing. I am getting The FTL service is offline!. Everything else SEEMS to be working.

Here is a debug: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/B177tWHR/

[Debug log removed by developer, for privacy]

Just in case you don't have it at the tricorder site...

The debug log shows lots of inconsistency is present. Networking is unable to determine port usage or running processes, database errors are indicated, and FTL reports it cannot load its shared libraries. The Pi-hole error log indicates the regex compiler is out of memory, and the shared memory location is not working

Have you perhaps had a power failure recently that might have corrupted the setup, or is the storage possibly failing? Or is anything else running on there which might be relevant? Is something using up lots of memory?

I'd be inclined to check the root partition for consistency (using fsck or /forcefsck) and to do a Pi-hole repair (with the pihole -r command) but I wouldn't want to suggest either without knowing more about what might be causing the errors in the log. Perhaps there is a simple setting in something else which fixes the environment and makes Pi-hole happy again.

This is a brand new install. New Virtual Machine as well.

SELinux is enabled.

If you're running an a newly spun up VM then disable SELinux and try it. That will confirm or eliminate SEL as the issue.

Edit: If is it SEL then you're going to have to solve it yourself. We do not provide policy templates, you may be able to find someone that has gone through the process of creating them.

We have a listing of required ports and some example code for firewalld at Prerequisites - Pi-hole documentation to help with that process.

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