FTL Displays as Offline


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Expected Behaviour:

FTL Should show as running on the WebUI - but it don’t.

Actual Behaviour:

SSH Input: sudo pihole-FTL
SSH Output: Notice: Found no readable FTL config fileFATAL: Opening of FTL log (/var/log/pihole-FTL.log) failed!
Make sure it exists and is writeable by user pi

Debug Token:

[Replace this text with the debug token provided from running pihole -d (or running the debug script through the web interface]

Note: When I run pihole -D it shows “[✓] pihole-FTL daemon is active” // so maybe it’s nothing.

May or May Not be related… but my dashboard tables no longer load either. Post updating.


Are you able to upload the debug log? If so, do so and post the token and we’ll take a look at your whole setup.


pihole-FTL is not meant to be called directly like this.


  • sudo service pihole-FTL status to check its status
  • sudo service pihole-FTL stop to stop it (usually not needed)
  • sudo service pihole-FTL start to start it (usually not needed)
  • sudo service pihole-FTL restart to restart it (usually not needed)


not sure what I did but it’s hosed - no need for further followup - will be reinstalling soon - thnx anyways

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