FTL and dnsmasq both enabled


Hi all,

I wanted to try out the FTL BETA, I check the instructions in: https://pi-hole.net/2018/03/24/help-us-beta-test-ftldns/.
I first checked if FTL is enabled and dnsmasq disabled to ensure I am not in the BETA already.

However, once I run the command in terminal; both service are marked as ACTIVE but I sure I never joined the BETA.

Should I just proceed and use a different branch?

Thanks in advance.



That is a behavior of the NON BETA version.
The latest version (not beta) runs dnsmasq along FTLDNS where as Beta, does not rely or need dnsmasq any more (and the process should be inactive (dead)).

pihole -v should tell you what version you are on.


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