Friendly Names


PiHole really useful project. What I would find nice is if users could assign ‘friendly’ names to devices on network. Devices would be more readily noticeable.

I think this can be done for fixed DHCP addresses but I tend to like my fixed IPs within a certain range then DHCP for the rest.


This can be done with IP to name mappings in either /etc/hosts or in a new configuration file in /etc/dnsmasq.d

Example of some entries in a hosts file:   Printer	Sonos1L	Sonos1R   SmartThings-hub   Sense   MyQ

In the current 5.0 beta (and the upcoming 5.0), this can be done directly from the dashboard with the “Custom DNS” feature.


I did say in my original post that I thought it could be done for fixed IPs - it was the dynamically assigned IP addresses I was referring to. On my home network I only assign fixed IPs to anything acting as a server, the rest, phone, chromecast etc just receive dynamic addresses.


If you use Pi-hole for DHCP, the device IP’S provided by DHCP should remain the same, even without static reservations. This is due to how the DHCP server functions, giving IP’s based on the MAC address of the client. This is different than many consumer grader routers .