Firewalla or pi-hole dhcp

I am currently running an Orbi rbk50 router with satellite, and recently introduced a Firewalla box. I have now started looking at the pi-hole for ad blocking and site blocking.i am currently running it in docker on mac until i work out what it can do. I understand this can be run on the firewalla box

What is the best device to run the DHCP Server? (Orbi, Firewalla or Pi-hole)

I would also like to be able to select some devices to not have sites blocked can this be done?

Since this post i have installed Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi, but still not 100% happy with the setup.

I moved DHCP to the Pi-Hole and configured DNS on all devices to point to Pi-hole with upstream to cloudflare. Have Firewalla running in Simple Mode, so it does arp spoofing to get traffic.

Not sure if both devices are getting traffic and doing what the should do.
I have configured DNSMASQ hostname resevation on the pihole to assign names to devices based on their MAC address only, however the firewalla doesnt pick up these names and still gets a device name from somewhere else, also orbi device list has a completly different list of names for the devices. IS there a way to align these names so i assign them in one place and all devices pick up from same list.

Im thinking of moving DHCP to firewalla to see if that makes a difference.( othere than the reason this morning pihole decided to stop working, even rebooting it , it still wouldnt start the DNS server.