fireTV going crazy?

or is my block list too strict?

any help is highly appreciated. thanks in advance!

Does your fireTV still work as expected? It is very likely that device desperately tries to resolve your top blocked domain until it gets an expected response. I would't worry about the stats themselves, but about the persistence of the device to make the same request again and again...

Unless a function of the fireTV is broken, Pi-hole does its job well I guess.

everything works fine (still). the fireTV seems to be very communicative.

they do that even when switched 'off'. i have two and their activity goes beyond chatty.
i block 15 or so of the domains they connect to and it doesn't hamper performance any.

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Yep, I was coming to say the exact same thing. My Fire Stick and Echo Dot are by far the chattiest devices on my medium-sized network, and most of the up-to-date, curated lists for blocking will block a lot from them and still work as expected. I know it's not in Amazon's interests at all, but it would be great for them to provide even more ways to tone down some of the phoning home, disabling all the settings possible doesn't really do much.

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Don't hold your breath.

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