Firefox forcing DoH after update?

Did you guys noticed this popup in Firefox?
After updating Firefox ESR to 9.1.8, I see this popup:

I checked and Cloudflare DOH was enabled in the network settings without even clicking OK:

doh cloud

I know that Firefox silently added DoH a while ago, but it was not enabled in the "Corporate version" of Firefox

Details about my system:
Pihole running on RPi Zero W Unbound is Upstream DNS.
DNSSEC disabled, Conditional forwarding disabled

Would the following work for Firefox users getting the default DoH setting?

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Pi-hole blocks this use of DoH by default:

I have been using this workaround but I haven't seen .

in the logs any time recently.

I just tried it out on Firefox and the logs show: IP (1.1ms)

So firefox is not using the "canary feature"

I see this note on their website:

Note: The canary domain only applies to users who have DoH enabled as the default option. It does not apply for users who have made the choice to turn on DoH by themselves.


You should inquire with Mozilla/Firefox whether replying 'Okay' to that Firefox popup would qualify as making "the choice to turn on DoH by themselves.".

If they do so even if you choose 'Disable', this would warrant to open a bug in Firefox.

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