Filter out domain patterns from results

Hi, I just finished setting up Pi-hole on my home and all is great, except for one little detail, there are some specific domains that show up in result sets that I'd simply like them muted, because I know they'll be allowed/blocked too often, abnormally when compared to the rest, if I could simply toggle them out from result set it would be great.

For example,

  • my Android phone in specific requests a lot (blocked), I just wished it out of my results to better view the rest.
  • I'm making all my devices, including routers, go through Pi-hole, and they request a lot about (allowed), I just wished to filter it.

One possible implementation could be some kind of negative regex filter, both for the Dashboard and the Query Log tab, and that could be made permanent at user option (or not).

Have you seen the setting under "API settings" in the web interface? It will remove the domain from some of the stats.

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Ah!, thanks, I didn't see that :smiley:

I still wished a negative regex filter in the Query Log tab though, and the "API settings" filter doesn't apply there.

I plan on adding this to the new API, which is better able to support these kinds of features:

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