Fallback secondary upstream DNS

I want to specify a secondary upstream DNS server but I only want to use it if the primary actually fails. Currently it seems there is no priority so once it has started using the secondary, it keeps on using it.

Is that possible to specify with the current implementation (V5)?

It's not possible via web gui, but dnsmasq can do it.
Search for "strict-order" in the forum.

Great thanks.

As a note to anyone who finds this, add a file such as /etc/dnsmasq.d/02-strict.conf, with a single line of strict-order.

Note your preferred DNS should be listed as #2 in the Custom List (ref "strict-order" seems to be working in reverse - #4 by DL6ER)

@DL6ER, would be really great to have this as a check box so PiHole could simply add the directive and then add the servers into the conf file in the logical order.

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