Export list of websites blocked to host file format for computer


I often take my computer with me (away from home) where it isn’t feasible to bring the PI. I can currently download a compiled list of all the host in alphabetical order that Pi hole would block but I found that adding such a long list to my host file simply results in prolonged web-search times.

What I would like to do is have a way of downloading a file of websites that pi hole has blocked on my network in the past year. Ideally in alphabetical order and listed only once. This would likely result in a much smaller host file which hopefully wouldn’t slow down the web-search time so noticeably, and the host listed would be relevant to those likely encountered from the sites that I often use.

While on a new topic, has anyone considered merging the logic of pi hole to work on android? Everyone that I know has a firestick and they all want me to block ads on their network. Problem is, that would require buying a raspberry pi and setting up a pi is very time consuming. If a DNS server like pi hole could be hosted on an firestick, a lot of my friends would surely use it. Here is a link to an app that I would recommend adding Pi Hole features to for android. https://github.com/blokadaorg/blokada/issues/331 If such a suggestion insults anyone I apologize.

Finally, does pi hole auto update its list every month or do you have to manually go in and click update?



Pi-Hole updates gravity from your subscribed blocklists every Sunday morning between 3 am and 5 am your local time. No user action is required.



You do have several options for using Pi-Hole while away from home:

  1. Install a VPN so you can route your DNS and/or traffic back to your home network.
  2. Install a VM on your laptop and run a local instance of Pi-Hole on your laptop. This would provide a Pi-Hole that you can use in any location with the laptop.