Expandable Top Lists

I like the Top 10 grouping in Pi-hole, sometimes I also would like to see the other domains. So having a link to click on to get the (let's say) Top 100 would be nice.

Also there is currently there is no easy way to see all domains per Hour/Day/Month.

Would be nice to have both of the above

This information is available from the command line with the following commands. You can adjust the number in parentheses for the output lines you desire. Without the parentheses, the default is 10.

echo ">top-clients (15) >quit" | nc localhost 4711

echo ">top-domains (100) >quit" | nc localhost 4711

echo ">top-ads (100) >quit" | nc localhost 4711

Does the long term data not show what you are looking for?

Thanks for the swift response.

I have not checked the command line yet, but I guess most of the pi-hole Admins would like to see this at the GUI.

The long term data only shows the top 10 as well, or I simply need dump all data to excel, sort by domain and remove duplicates, as I'm currently doing. I thought that a "all domains in a range" view would be nice to have

So this part is basically the same as:

Sounds like it!

Then please remove this part from the feature request here. It's better to request only one thing per feature request to better keep track of implementation and discussion.