Expand Query Lists to regex

Now Pi-hole-FTL can display if a domain is blocked by a wildcard (regex), it is also wished that an entered (subdomain.)domain is also checked against the regex.list file when using Query Lists.

When found it would be nice if not is displayed only “wildcard” but also the “regex.list” as indication where to look for that specfiec filter.

Also it would be nice to show regex line that matched that (subdomain.)domain.

I’m surprised Tools|Query Lists doesn’t already include reg ex in its searches.
I fully second that request.

List is searching only in the lists and that would not be the best location. In the next version of Pihole the wildcards and regex are shown in blacklists, also in the current version, and new whitelists.

On a query it would nice that from the listed wild/regex only the lines are show instead of the default complete list. So you can start directly to change/delete matched wild/regex lines. If no matches are found the display that in a message.

On a new search or entering one of the two screens (black/white) the default complete list is shown.