Error message while configuring MACVLAN on a Fritzbox-Synology setup with Docker and Portainer


In Portainer I tried to setup MACVLAN with IPv4 and IPv6, so that Pi-Hole and Unbound can receive stable addresses and receive all IP traffic. However, when trying to create a network based on my configuration, I get the following error message.

invalid gateway address fd07:****:b70e/64 in Ipam configuration

The IPv6 ULA is exactly the one, I have assigned to the Fritzbox router. I have restarted the Synology and the router but the error message persists. Can you please help me to find the mistake? Many thanks in advance.

This doesn't seem like a Pi-hole issue.
Note that Docker is IPv4 only by default.

I agree. It is not a Pi-hole issue. I have posted this here as a section of Pi-hole users also use a Synology/Docker/Portainer/Macvlan setup and hoped to get some further instructions.

Thanks for pointing out that Docker only supports IPv4 out of the box. I assumed that Portainer would activate IPv6 during installation as it also provides the option to enter IPv6 network addresses but this is possibly not the case.

For now, I have reactivated an old RaspberryPi and it handles now all my IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. Thanks for your support, @Bucking_Horn !

As Bucking_Horn said, the Default behavior for docker is to use IPv4.

You can configure macvlan with IPv6.

The official docker page contains an IPv6 example, but also says you need some extra Docker daemon configuration:

If you have configured the Docker daemon to allow IPv6, you can use dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 macvlan networks.