Dutch (Netherlands) websites whitelisting


I just want to share about a few sites (Netherlands / Dutch websites) which domains you need to whitelist so you can still view the video’s or other material.
May save someone else the trouble of finding out :slight_smile:



Please share any useful information about Dutch websites (either black or whitelisting) in this topic so we all benefit.


Found this useful posting:

Maybe you can update that one ?


Before posting this topic I found that post as well but it’s locked so I can’t add anything there.
Also I hope this topic to be Dutch websites only :).


The thread is locked, but anybody can edit the OP (Just like a wiki entry!)


Right! Gotcha :). So I edit that one and add my findings from this post in there?


That’s right! Although, I’m wondering… is it worth maintaining a separate thread for NL domains? If so, we can easily change the topic of this post and set the OP to wiki mode, too.

Actually, just edit the OP on that thread!


Just found some handy tool.

  • install google chrome
  • search for DNSthingy (plugin)
    Run the website
    click on the plugin in the taskbar above.
    here you see all the sites needed to load for example a movie.
    Add all this sites in the whitelist in your raspberry pi pihole.
    After this run the Tools >> update list.

Good luck and have a nice weekend.



Great tip, thanks!


RTL XL (which my girlfriend uses on her iPad / iPhone to watch missed episodes of ‘GTST’) is still difficult with Pi-hole.

I thought i had it working after analyzing the pihole.log and looking which requests were being blocked and whitelisting them. But after trying some more times, it wasn’t working anymore.

I tried the DNSthingy plugin mentioned above, but for mobile different domains than on the PC are being requested it seems.