Domains on adlists

First, I want to say I did search but only seem to find the opposite of my problem.

So my pi hole is setup and working. It is on a raspberry pi 4, 4GB ram, Raspberry Pi OS 64bit 6.6.28+rpt-rpi-v8. I believe that additional adlists should be showing X amount of domains blocked when looking at their info and not 0 domains on the list.

It would seem if I go into my adlists and click to see more info on them. They are showing 0 domains in their list. The default adlist shows 128217 domains blocked. But additional lists I've added show 0 domains blocked. However this is where it is the opposite of what I keep seeing online. My dashboard shows 289,145 domains are being blocked. (screen shots attached) So I believe it is probably working correctly, but just wanted to be sure, and check if there is any way to get additional adlists to show how many domains they actually have in their lists.

Debug token:

Screenshot 2024-05-10 095325

From the list author's site:

Even after updating Pihole might show 0 domains which is a known cosmetic issue.