Does running DNS server on Synology makes Pihole not work?


Hi all,

I’m new to Pihole and I’m willing to give it a try so today I decided to install it on my Synology NAS, my Nas has 2 network card that are used in bond configuration and the NAS also runs the Master DNS for my network, the secondary DNS server is on a mac mini running Mac OSX Server.

I’ve managed to get Pihole installed and can get to the web interface but it doesn’t look like it’s resolving anything, I’ve change the DNS settings manually on a laptop to test using the static IP I assigned to Pihole and whilst I’m able to reach internet I’m not seeing any incrementation in the queries numbers.

So my question is, can Pihole work if I’m already running the Synology DNS server package ?

Do note that my PiHole install is not on Docker but directly on the NAS itself.

Thanks in advance for your responses



Two applications can’t use the same port, so it won’t work if you try to have both DNS servers listen on the same IP address.


Hi Mcat12,

Thanks for your response, I agree that both can’t be using the same port and the same IP address, that said I setup PiHole on a different IP so it’s not using the same IP as the NAS.


Run pihole -d for a debug token.