DNS Settings Synology RT1900ac questions



as my network setup is different to other ones, I created a new topic, I hope that is okay.

So my setup is:

Cable modem --LAN CONNECTION-- Synology router (bridge mode, hosts DHCP, hosts Synology VPN Plus, Manages dhcp reservations (static IP addresses for all my local devices)) --LAN CONNECTION to Hue bridge, Tado Bridge, TPLink Powerline Adapter-- 2nd TPLink Powerline Adapter connects via LAN to my main Raspberry Pi (hosts Homebridge and AirPlay Server). All the rest (TV, ATV4, iOS/macOS devices etc) are connected via wifi. My 2nd raspberryPi with Pi-Hole is also connected via wifi right now.

All devices have static IP’s, so within the network, I can connect to them with the IP Address or the device name etc.

Everything is stable and just works fine.

Now I set up Pi-Hole on my 2nd Pi. I am using OpenDNS for blocking ads on Pi-Hole.

And here comes my issue: If I manually add the DNS on my iPhone, Mac or iPad of my PI, nothing changes, I still see ads on youtube or on websites.
I then thought of using the PI as the main DNS network wide with adding it as the primary one on my Synology Router.

If I add the IP address of the PI under in my network center under the tab Internet DNS server, I can no longer open ANY website, they just load to nowhere. If I add the IP in the local network section ad the primary DNS server, I can open websites, but still with ads.

My network knowledge is very basic, so I am not sure how to proceed.


Please generate a debug log from your Pi-Hole, upload it and post the token here.


[✓] Your debug token is: hc50tpo31i