DNS Server on alternate port


I’ve been running Pi-hole for a while now. I use it in combination with the dnscrypt-proxy (on the same rpi3) to keep my outbound DNS lookups secure. dnscrypt-proxy runs on Unfortunately, Pi-hole doesn’t let me specify this alternate port. The net result of this is that I have to select something from the DNS list (I choose OpenDNS), which updates the setupVars.conf file, which in turn causes these two lines to be added to 01-pihole.conf every time an upgrade comes out:


I have my own dnsmasq.conf file in play that specifies “server=”. So, after every upgrade I have to comment out the two lines autogenerated into 01-pihole.conf. It’d be awesome if I could just specify the alternate port in the GUI, or, at the very least, in setupVars.conf.



maybe selecting none in the gui is valid for generating 01-pihole.conf. never tried.


I tried, sadly. It forces you to pick something. If you unset the value in setupVars.conf it doesn’t like that either.


Implemented in v4.0