DNS server not running

Hi, my DNS server has not been running since I did the DNS resolver, could anyone help me I have tried everything.

Not sure what you mean, can you give more details and post a debug log please, that will give more info to the staff to look at

pihole -d

upload when prompted, and reply here with the just the tricorder debug url it gives you at the end.


I have generated a report via terminal command. This is that debug token:


. From what it has detected the 'DNS service is not running'. And, the 'pihole-FTL.service' will not start despite attempting to restart it via terminal command. The diagnosis messages states the DNSMASQ_CONFIG has 'failed to create listening socket for port 53: Address already in use.

I attempted to change 'permission denied' settings to grant user access to rewrite & execute the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file. But after several attempts using both 'chmod' & 'chown' commands (as user, not root) to bypass denied access to 'dnsmasq.conf' file permission is still denied. If the access will only work as root, what is the terminal command to change user to root? The port used by 'DNSMASQ_CONFIG' IS USING PORT 53. Either this file needs to be configured to use a different port, or it simply should be deactivated. To allow pihole-FTL.service to run on port 53. DNS and pihole-FTL are not running because port 53 is in use by some other app. UFW has port 53/tcp & /udp opened.
The same outcome happens when installing pihole on my raspberry pi 4 os, and on a docker.io container w/ compose. The --version is aarch-linux64; 8GB RAM (bookworm). But, the kernel's distro is debian due to it's repository threads remain 'deb-src'. I am able to continue to use 'bullseye repositories' w/ bookworm to update & upgrade the OS.

Any advice or help would sincerely be appreciated,


This means there is another program using port 53.

In your case, this program is called named (yes, named is the name of the program):

[✗] udp: is in use by named (https://docs.pi-hole.net/main/prerequisites/#ports)
[✗] udp: is in use by named (https://docs.pi-hole.net/main/prerequisites/#ports)

You need to disabled named and try to restart pihole-FTL

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