DNS Resolution across routers

I have an issue that im not sure if im even approaching from the right angle or not. The simplified version of my setup is that i have
ISP > border router > DMZ > Edge router
The border router is where all my actual home stuff is connected to for now. While everything behind the edgerouter is my personal lab stuff.
The problem and question i have is regarding DNS name resolution across routers and subnets, is this even possible with Pi-Hole? At the moment i have instructed in the pihole dns settings the info for my border router, and the name resolution is working nicely for the dmz hosts. However everything coming out of the edgerouter is just showed as the edgerouter wan ip, even if its NAT is disabled. Witch makes it impossible to know at a glance witch of my internal hosts are responsible for what traffic.
I tried doing it the other way, having the border router get its dhcp leases from the internal edgerouter, and putting the pi-hole on its network, got no dns connectivity and killed the internet while doing it ;<

So long story short, is name resolution such as this possible with pi-hole without having it as the dhcp/dns server? I know that for example pfsense can do this, as long as the first forwarder hop is pfsense itself.

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