DNS priority while using Private Internet Access with OpenVPN in linux environment

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Expected Behaviour:

[How would one go about prioritizing my pi-hole DNS first while using Private Internet Access service with OpenDNS in linux]

Actual Behaviour:

_[I'm currently using Manjaro i3 window manager with my Private Internet Access VPN service. While researching pi-hole and VPN topics I ran across this [thread](Using Pi-Hole with Private Internet Access VPN software possible?) which helped me make correct my Private Internet Access windows desktop settings so that pi-hole dns was used first rather than the opendns settings that Private Internet Access uses when connected to their service. After tinkering to manipulate these settings in my linux desktop, I'm not sure if it is possible the way I have the VPN setup. I am connecting to Private Internet Access via OpenVPN using this guide

I am seeking help to see if this is possible or if I should just keep my settings as is and not break what is not already broken.

When doing a "cat /etc/resolve.conf" i am getting the results below showing my dns servers but showing my pi-hole dns last in the list. I am however not sure if this is the list order of how dns is pulled when connected to the VPN or if it is just the list of dns servers in genereal.

I am seeing my linux box activity on my pi-hole however I think it is only when I'm not connected to the VPN since all my requests are hitting the OpenDNS servers first and not my pi-hole address. I apologize if this is not making sense, but any help clarifying would be appreciated.]_

Debug Token:

[Replace this text with the debug token provided from running pihole -d (or running the debug script through the web interface]

DNS servers are often not used in any order. If you want your DNS queries to go through Pi-hole, set that to be the only DNS server.

Thanks for the quick response Mcat12, I'll see if I can figure out how to only use pi-hole DNS while connected to VPN.

See also my answer here:

Thanks DL6ER, I will test this out. I was thinking of adding my pihole DNS below as well but wasn't sure if that would be correct. Will set it up and test, hopefully it works as intended. I really appreciate all of the help!

It says `additional DNS servers' so it might not work as expected if it gets some other DNS servers from the VPN server as well.