DNS is not resolving


Expected Behaviour:

The DNS should resolve when I do a ping request.

Actual Behaviour:

Instead I receive the following

 ping: google.com: Temporary failure in name resolution 

Debug Token:

Since the dns is not resolving names it was not able to upload the log, therefore I will paste a link to it.

I used the following guide to install pihole: https://scotthelme.co.uk/securing-dns-across-all-of-my-devices-with-pihole-dns-over-https-1-1-1-1/

https://defuse.ca/b/2YEIhrBG (pastebin was not being cooperative)



You should remove any extra dnsmasq configs you may have made to use DNS over HTTPS and instead add (or whatever your cloudflared instance is listening on) as an upstream DNS server in the web interface. Right now you have not given Pi-hole a DNS upstream to use.


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