DNS Cache not working

Hi Guys,
Ive just setup Pi-Hole within ubuntuserver>docker>portainer with https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/dns/unbound/ .

Everything is working really well now but I see that no query's where cached at all..

I have searched all over Google and have tried anything of https://docs.pi-hole.net/ftldns/dns-cache/

Here are my logs:

Go to http://pi.hole/admin/settings.php and look for DNS cache insertions.

And don't use as the IPv4 address for Pi-hole:

/etc/pihole/local.list pi.hole is
*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Setup variables

What hardware are you running on?

   [2021-04-07 13:00:32.765 4577M] *************************************************************************
   [2021-04-07 13:00:32.765 4577M] * WARNING: Required Linux capability CAP_NET_ADMIN not available        *
   [2021-04-07 13:00:32.765 4577M] *************************************************************************
   [2021-04-07 13:00:32.765 4577M] *************************************************************************
   [2021-04-07 13:00:32.765 4577M] * WARNING: Required Linux capability CAP_SYS_NICE not available         *
   [2021-04-07 13:00:32.765 4577M] *************************************************************************
   [2021-04-07 13:00:32.766 4577M] PID of FTL process: 4577

ip is changed in:
local.list and setupVars.conf

"Go to http://pi.hole/admin/settings.php and look for DNS cache insertions" :

64gb ram
8tb storage
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
nvidia gt 710

Off topic:

  • Local DNS>DNS Records when I add "name" + ip I cant ping it but when I use "name.domain(like local)" + ip I cant ping it, is this normal? if so can it be changed to work with names?
  • I cant get 'Clients' back to IP from domain.localdomain in Query log, I turned conditional forwarding off but it doesnt seem to work. Do you know where the setting is located in files?
    Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

The image shows that nothing is being inserted in to the cache. It also shows that you are running as root and that is not correct. That fact, combined with the WARNINGs is telling me that this is not a common installation.

Is this on some kind of virtual platform or a hypervisor?

Oh! This is a portainer via docker install.

What is the docker run or the docker-compose.yml command being used to start the container?

(Moving this to the proper area for docker support.)

Thats correct, im sorry for not including that.

Im running it on Proxmox>VM:UbuntuServer>Docker>Portainer

			"categories": [
			"description": "A Linux network-level advertisement and Internet tracker blocking application which acts as a DNS sinkhole.",
			"image": "pihole/pihole:latest",
			"logo": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SelfhostedPro/selfhosted_templates/master/Images/pihole.png",
			"name": "pihole",
			"note": "When the installation is complete, navigate to your.ip.goes.here:1010/admin. Follow the article \u003ca href='https://medium.com/@niktrix/getting-rid-of-systemd-resolved-consuming-port-53-605f0234f32f'\u003ehere\u003c/a\u003e if you run into issues binding to port 53.",
			"platform": "linux",
			"ports": [
			"restart_policy": "unless-stopped",
			"title": "Pi-Hole",
			"type": 1,
			"volumes": [
					"bind": "/portainer/Files/AppData/Config/PiHole",
					"container": "/etc/pihole"
					"bind": "/portainer/Files/AppData/Config/PiHole/DNS",
					"container": "/etc/dnsmasq.d"

Yes from that template.

Then ask them for help. It's not our template. Click the link and open an issue.

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