Display query class in UI Query Log

Hello everyone.

I just registered to submit a feature request but it seems that new users cannot submit one. A suggestion to another user's similar question was to post it in the general section, so here goes.

Is it possible to display the query class (IN, CH, HS, NONE, ANY) in the web UI Query Log alongside the query type, and perhaps also log the class in the pihole log file?

It would be immensely helpful when using iptables to filter certain types and classes of queries.

Thanks in advance and many thanks to the developers for this wonderful product.

iptables doesn't work on log files - it inspects packet header fields of network traffic at the internet and transport layers, not packet nor log file content, and as such would be unaware of DNS. Analysing application layer protocol fields (like your aspired DNS protocol's QCLASS) would require some kind of deep packet inspection tooling, in addition to and/or separate from iptables.

Thank you for responding, and my apologies I should have explained better.

I use iptables to filter based on query types and classes using hex-string values. I use the log to identify what to filter out. Since I am using iptables hex-string for filtering, I need the query class. Currently I have to match a query in the pi-hole log to unbound log to find the class. If I could get the class in the pi-hole log then it would be much easier.

I hope that explains it a bit better.
Thanks again.

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