Discussion cleanup network and network_addresses table in /etc/pihole-FTL.db

I never said that on a windows 10 machine the temporary IPv6 address changes every two hours. The 2 hour change is something I experimented with on a Linux machine, see this topic.

On a windows machine, the temporary IPv6 address changes every time you reboot OR once a day (if you leave the machine on), unless you change the values in the registry (not tested). You can confirm this by running the command netsh interface ipv6 show privacy, which will show you, among other things Maximum Preferred Lifetime: 1d

great solution, thank you for this.

My native language is not English, this may lead to some confusion from time to time. The opposite of what you understood is true, I encourage DL6ER to make these kind of changes, even if they will only be used by a few users. I have been running another test branch my self, the one that allows regexes such as .*;querytype=!A, and even though I assume very few users will ever use this, I'm an absolute fan of these kind of features / enhancements, even the ones I will not use myself.