Discrepancy between Pi-hole API client query count and logs

Yes, exactly. I put the pull request in "ready for review" status now that I have your confirmation as well and requested feedback from the development team.

edit it has been merged

Awesome! Can confirm, the data looks much better overnight here.

I have one event where I see more queries in the logs but it involves localhost, and while I haven't had a chance to track it down I'm guessing this comes down to some particular of how the recording rule is counting. I'll chime in again if it's not explicable.

I'm also seeing more "+x/-x" instances where the API shows queries near the cusp of one minute that show up in the logs during the next minute. I wonder if it's coincidence I'm seeing more today, or if the changes mean queries can find their way into the API a little more quickly now or what... but this is a non-issue. The exact second isn't important here at all.