Discours polling / log rate

This website shows up frequently in logs. I think it may be pinging too often is there settings to control or change this operation:

What is the specific problem you are experiencing with the page auto-refreshing?

This is done to keep the content fresh - you can see replies in real time, etc.

Yeah seeing your reply now, very quick. I made the post because I incorrectly determined the refresh was significantly more than it is. I have been on the page for less than five minutes or so, but even going back to the main forum and going to help section surprisingly did not result in a new dns request.

I'm satisfied with that, I thought it was way more frequent, this thread is very inaccurate of the way discourse operates.

I see that when the page pulls in new posts when scrolling down, that most likely the only time a new request is going to happen.

While I'm wasting your time with nonsense, can a user turn off real-time notifications etc?

Yes. Under your profile, in notifications:

Something sounds wrong if you are making a DNS query every single second.

Yeah it's not dns requests that frequently. I'm way off on that. Although if you wouldn't minf pulling up wireshark and watching it while you are on this website--maybe that's where I saw this? Maybe I'm just imagining it, I don't remember.

You'd have to give me some kind of hint what you are talking about...

If you have concerns about the Discourse software then https://meta.discourse.org is the place to research.

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