DHCP with Vlan on the graphical interface.

Can please implement DHCP with Vlan? Is that possible?

Please give more information, as it stands now your feature request is too vague to do anything about.

I wanted to use my pihole as Dhcp server. My network has one main Lan and 4 vlan, i wish we could represent the lan and the vlan in pihole. I think it could be a good feature.

That is an advanced configuration, and you should instead make your advanced configs as a new dnsmasq config in /etc/dnsmasq.d. See the dnsmasq man page for more information on the possible config options:


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I think the idea is very good.

However, I would like to have one general options for graphing VLANs. In the network settings only the devices are displayed that in the same Subnet as Pi-Hole itself which can be displayed by arp synonymous.

On my Fritzbox but still depends on a CISCO switch with four Vlans. For the DNS Hostnames and the Bonjouring I have meanwhile set up a second RPi which is connected to the CISCO, can manage VLAN’s and the avahi daemon serves used as a Bonjouring Proxy server around the Bonjouring also over different Subnetze makes possible.

It would therefore be a great option if it would somehow be possible if these devices that use the DNS server from Pi-Hole also graphically displaye in the Admin interface under Networksettings.