DHCP Assign by reservation before lease

I’d love if the DHCP assignments searched the reservations before the leases for handing out a DHCP response.
I recently brought a box online, new build, and got through the installation. Once completed I setup a reservation for the machine, but kept getting the same ip as the lease, not the reservation.
After much tinkering, I was able to find out that the dhcp.leases file was (next to) useless in pihole-FTL. I was able to fully remove the lease by using sqlite against the pihole-FTL.db file and starting the service up again.
It would be really handy if the DHCP assignment checked for a reservation prior to checking for an existing lease.

I have this same problem.
Is the sqlite update the only way of dealing with it?
Do you know if I can just delete the database and restart the service?
This is a bit a pain in the ass because I am usually assigning static ips to the devices after they got connected to the network.

Modifying the content of the database will do nothing as the DHCP server is not even aware of the existence of the database. I can only assume this was a coincidence.

The expected procedure would be to delete (or merely modify) the dhcp.leases file and restart the resolver (pihole restartdns).

Have you tried whether restarting the resolver without deleting the file works as well (it should)?

No, I didn’t, but I will try right now

I just restarted the resolver, requested a new DHCP lease and it worked flawlessly, thank you very much!!
Now that I have finally have pi-hole running on a powerful and reliable system, and now that I know how to assign statics iPs I’m very very happy.

If I don’t do anything I expect that all the devices will eventually get the ip address that I assigned to them right? I mean, when they current lease expires they will request a new one and they should get the static one, correct?