Devices connected to network slow to obtain IP addresses (particularly TV)


Expected Behaviour:

When TV is turned on, it should have its wired ethernet connection identified, an IP address assigned, and connect to the internet.

Actual Behaviour:

At best, TV identifies wired ethernet connection after several hours, if at all.


This is a problem that only a few devices are having at my house - specifically my TV, but also infrequently an IP camera. This problem also only pops up when I have my Pi-hole running and handling DNS/DHCP.

Basically, when I turn my TV on it isn’t able to identify that it has a wired network connection. I can connect wirelessly just fine, but the wired connection doesn’t work for a long, long time. If I disconnect/disable the Pihole it works fine; it takes a few seconds to identify its wired network connection, but it can do so pretty easily.

Does anyone have any ideas? Would assigning static IP addresses help? Would rapid DHCP commit help?



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