Device connections dropping out

Expected Behaviour:

My Pi Hole is set up with a BT router, I have turned off DHCP from the broadband router settings and turned pi holes DHCP server on.

It is connected wirelessly to my network

I have allocated ranges - to the DHCP server.

Actual Behaviour:

Devices on my network randomly drop connection, sometimes it says IP address could not be allocated / assigned.

Sometimes devices just drop connection and can't connect until I disconnect other devices on the network and restart it.

It works great for hours at a time but then these connection drops are becoming inconvenient. Any advice?

How many entries does your Pi-hole's Tools | Network show (bottom left of that panel)?

It's showing 24 currently.

That's not enough to exhaust your DHCP pool size of 190 addresses (which could have prevented new devices from acquiring a lease once your pool would have been exhausted).

How is your Pi-hole machine connected to your network?
Is it perhaps connected via wifi or sitting behind a switch?

It is connected via wifi

Wireless connections are less stable than wired ones.
In addition to noise and congestion from other networks or household appliancers, your Pi-hole host's OS may also decide to deactivate its wifi interface when entering a power saving mode.

Do you observe the same behaviour when using a wired connectiion for your Pi-hole host?

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