Dashboard doesn't show analytics



I reinstalled Pi-hole and the blocking works fine, but I do not see something on the dashboard: image

Debug Token: qg0eyxa7kk

Thank you!
Sorry for my bad English


Apache is being used instead of lighttpd. Also, /etc/lighttpd is missing.


Thank you!
I’ve now reinstalled Pi-hole with lighttpd server but the admin interface doesn’t show the analytics.

Debug Token: 01vvc2a695


Do you see the same screen as in your original post?


Yes, it is the same screen


Debug-Token: g3xbfail90


One of the developers will look at your debug for the problem.

One question from what I see in your debug. What is the purpose of these entries in your blocklist subscriptions? Are these intended to be your local blacklist?


Yes! I’ve programmed an adblocker for youtube ads!


This error shows up in your lighttpd log, though it has not shown up as recently as your latest image:

2019-06-09 09:34:18: (chunk.c.553) opening temp-file failed: Permission denied

This is an internal lighttpd error, which is supposed to be fixed in 1.4.46. You have 1.4.45:

There’s not much we can do about this error, especially as 1.4.45 is the latest version on Stretch. Can you check the permissions on /var/tmp and /tmp to make sure that the www-data user can modify their contents?