Custom Whitelist


Hi All,

I read all the posts regarding whitelist.
I know pihole cannot whitelists a website that contains ads that are blocked, will you add this in the future?

I fall in love with PiHole, I think it’s a masterpiece but I think you can add this feature too. Something like:
Create a new Whitelist: Website Whitelist.

all the websites that are inside this whitelist, ignore all the blocked domains inside the blacklist. This could be very useful especially for many firms I think.

What’s your opinion?

Thanks for this amazing Software!!



I understand the feature request, but there are severe technical limitations: When you visit a website, all of the content on it will lead to individual queries. The problem is no that there is no way Pi-hole could detect which queries belong to the same page so that they could be whitelisted.
The only possibility that comes to my mind would be to have an auxiliary script that downloads the webpage you give it and systematically walks though its source code (and all surrounding stuff like Javascript and CSS, …) and isolates which domains are queried. There may or not be software that can do this, but if we’d have to write our own software, then this comes close to the complexity of writing a webbrowser and is complete out of our capabilities - even on the long run!


Is there no way PiHole can tell when the original page is finished loading?


No, this is not possible. The clients only query the address through your Pi-hole. It’s really like when you call the telephone directory assistance.
They know which record you asked for, however, they never know

  • if you actually called the third party,
  • how often you called them it, and
  • for how long you talked.

Exactly the same holds true for Pi-hole.