Crazy Whitelist After Update

Expected Behaviour:

After updating to 5.0, for some reason, my whitelist is now chock full of ad domains that weren’t there before (500+).

Actual Behaviour:

Whitelist now includes many domains that, in actuality, should be blacklisted.

Debug Token:

Every one of your 247 whitelist entries shown in your debug log has the same indicator - they were present in your previous version of Pi-hole.

Migrated from /etc/pihole/whitelist.txt

Where do you see 500+ ad domains?

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How strange. My apologies if I'm not using the correct terminology. I literally haven't touched the raspberry pi that pihole is running on other than to perform basic updates.

As for the 500+, it's down to 247 entries now because I had been going through and manually deleting those entries of which shouldn't be in the whitelist. Obviously I did something at some point to cause my white list to get a bunch of items that were meant for blacklist.

So, my question now is simply, what is the best method for fixing my mistake? Should I perform a -r command or is it better/smarter to go through and just delete the incorrect items one by one?


I would continue manually deleting entries until you have the collection you want to keep.

Out of curiousity, what domains that were on your whitelist in the debug log you posted do you believe should not be whitelisted?

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Alright, I'll do that. Unfortunately, due to me being a novice, I had previously begun deleting the offending domains before I made the report.

Here's a couple I found that I had already deleted but don't ever remember adding...

I actually run two separate pihole devices and i found these on the second device. I have no idea how those got added as I'm the only person with access to either.

Here's the token from this second one:

As in the first Pi-hole, all the domain entries were present in your 4.X version of Pi-hole, and all were inserted into the gravity database.

Understood. Somewhere along the line I must've done something. I just have no idea what it would have been. No big deal, it'll take some time but I'll get it manual winnowed.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate your time.