CPU Temperature

Hello! i have a problem with pi-hole
i install pihole on dietpi on ESXI server
Hardware: HP
all time CPU Temp is red, could i get any help to fix this problem

Can you confirm that Pi-hole is causing the load?

AFAIK, from within the ESXi VM guest, the (host) CPU temperature cannot be derived. I wonder why obviously there is even a kernel file in /sys to read a temperature from.

Please disable the CPU temp in the banner and check out on the host system instead. I think the ESXi interface has a feature to read system stats?

It's very unlikely that Pi-hole causes such load (could be checked via htop) and most systems would throttle down the CPU or shutdown forcefully when such a high CPU temperature is reached.

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Is the CPU actually that hot? 100C is the boiling point of water so I'd guess that you'd pretty readily know if the reading is true with just touching the case.

My cpu temp is stable at 30C

Iam not saying that, all what i mean here is a problem just want to fix.

Thanks for answer, iam not good with dietpi Could you tell me how to disable CPU Temp ?

Thanks for answer Dan, i don't mean that is pihole problem or it made anything with the pc but i only posted this to know what is that and how could it fix nothing else.

Could you tell me are you using pi hole on ESXI and which release do you use, Thanks



de-select "CPU Temp" and hit RETURN.

I'll implement a change so that it's disabled in VMs by default. There is really no point in this as the virtualiser must never expose such host system info to the guest.

Thanks alot, I have been removed it from the banner, it will be useful in VMs
I checked about the system in ESXI you were right: its an ESXI problem i will test it in ESXI 7.0 to see the problem stays or not, Thanks.

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