Container Web Pages on Local host unreachable


Host: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
Docker version 18.09.3, build 774a1f4
Pi-hole Version v4.2.2 | Web Interface Version v4.2 | FTL Version v4.2.3

Expected Behaviour:

Connect and reach internal/local server web landing pages. This includes local Plex Web App and Portainer. (e.g.
Additionally, Plex should be reachable outside of network.

Actual Behaviour:

Unable to connect via telnet, curl, wget. Unable to connect via web browser as well.
Other server apps use reverse proxy and are reachable via domain name, but not via IP address.
Plex is unable to find server.
Web browsing is working and DNS requests are going through pi-hole and cloudflared

Steps Taken

Disabled systemd-resolvd
Docker setup mostly follows Funky Penguin’s Cookbook
Followed VisibilitySpots docker cloudflared setup

I know this should work, as it was working before until I goofed and deleted my pi-hole container. After getting DNS working on the host server I was able to restore pihole. I thought I undid all my changes to get DNS on the host, however, since then container web pages are unreachable on localhost or LAN.

Debug Token:


@diginc - Have you been able to look at this? I’ve tried to take a couple more stabs at figuring out what’s happening, but I haven’t gotten anywhere. If I try to nslookup container names or their ip addresses I get an NXDOMAIN response.

reachable via domain name, but not via IP address

That sounds more like a docker networking issue, are you using docker swarm networking like described in the cookbook? What does the lookup of Domain name resolve to and what happens if you directly connect to that IP + port?

To clarify is it just 127.* and localhost that doesn’t work or do the LAN IPs also not work?

Oh yeah, that cookbook mentioned Traefik too. If you’re using the traefik web access then only being able to access by domain name is by design

The lookup of any container (except pihole) with a domain name doesn’t resolve.

If I navigate to the host IP on the LAN and try going to each container’s port I’m only able to access traefik and pihole. The other containers don’t connect and I get a connection timeout error.

Currently I have the following networks with the listed containers in the them:
internal -> For each compose file
traefik_out -> All Containers (acts as the discovery network)
Each network gets set to a unique 172.16.X.0/24

I’m also using an oauth proxy for most containers expect plex. I can navigate to these containers via the domain name, but those containers can’t communicate out to the local network or to the internet as the names aren’t resolving. The traffic for accessing this way and trying to communicate from container to container is all being passed through pihole.

I’ve uploaded a latest debug log based on my latest changes and tests.

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