Confirming DOH is active

I just finished putting Pihole on a fresh rpi. After getting it running, I added cloudflared using the instructions here. Testing it with wget seemed to work fine, but trying showed DOH was not active. I tried several fixes mentioned here and on Reddit, but got the same result. Then I realized I could better confirm if was working correctly by looking at the connections on my router. Sure enough, everything coming from the Pihole rpi was to port 443. I could also modify DNS settings on the Pihole, and immediately see traffic going to port 53. So I’m not sure using is the best test for all configurations.

That test is something offered by Cloudflare and is not referenced in the Pi-Hole guide for Cloudflared.

Sorry, yes, it’s not listed in the PiHole guide. It seems to be mentioned in many other places as a way to validate.

This test is as frequently mis-applied as the DNS leak test.