Configuration of pihole-updatelists for multiple groups


I'm running Pi-hole on a Raspberry 4 and I'm using pihole-updatelists by jacklul to update my adlists on Pi-hole. The adlists are being updated once a week and all lists are assigned to Group_ID=0 which is the default group.
Now that I'm using two additional user groups (ID=4 and ID=6) I want all lists to be assigned also to these user groups. The config file has a parameter for this but actually I can't make it work.
The parameter in the config file I tried is:

; Assign additional group to all inserted entries
; To assign only the specified group make the number negative
; `0` is the default group, you can view ID of the group in Pi-hole's web interface
; by hovering mouse cursor over group name field on the 'Group management' page

When I run pihole-updatelists, all lists are being updated but still they are only assigned to my default group.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much in advance for your support. I'm absolutely new to programming and Linux and I'm doing my very best to make things work. :slight_smile:

I recommend that you ask the author of the script you are using.


Thank you for your quick reply. I opened an issue on github. If there's a solution, I will update the post.

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