Config Exports and OS Updates?

I'm running my PiHole setup on a pair of Pi3Bs and have had flawless performance since the initial setup a few years back. However, I've just hit an unrelated problem and when I look across my PiFarm I find that all my other Pi's are running Raspbian Bullseye on kernel 5.15.84-v8+, while my PiHole machines are running Buster 5.10.103-v7+...

I would like to try to upgrade (although I'm aware that it's not "recommended"...).

However, first I'd like to be able to run a full backup of my PiHole configuration, just in case everything goes nuclear and I have to wipe and start over.
So the first part of my question is: does anyone know of a [hopefully simple] how-to guide for creating a complete backup of a PiHole config that can be restored in case of an issue? I looked through the on-line docs but didn't see anything talking to this...

Second part of my question is: has anyone managed to successfully perform a "dist upgrade" from Buster to Bullseye on a PiHole setup please? If so, has anyone documented what they did?

Any other advice gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at Settings > Teleporter.

I attempted to upgrade from buster to bullseye on 2 pi's running just pihole following a procedure documented on raspberrypi's forum. It didn't end well. In the end I installed bullseye on new flash cards and used teleporter after installing pihole. The whole procedure probably took less time than following the failed upgrade.

They specifically don't recommend doing an in-place upgrade to a newer version.

Thank you Chris. I was rather stupidly searching for something like "backup" or "save" and completely missed this... Don't I feel like a Numpty.

Thanks Moto. For anyone else who stumbles over this thread, Moto's solution is effortlessly the easiest to apply. In my case, I was lucky enough to have a spare micro-SSD card available, so I was able to build an all-new Raspbian image on the new card, get my static IP tested, install PiHole and restore from a fresh Teleporter backup in under 30 minutes.

Really appreciate the help.

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