Conditional Forwarding not working correctly across VLAN's

Expected Behaviour:

Return (local) hostname when looking (nslookup) a local IP address.

Actual Behaviour:

Getting a NXDOMAIN in return


I have setup Conditional Forwarding on my Pi-hole and doing a lookup (nslookup) on a local FQDN returns a valid (local) IP. But doing it the other way around, looking up a local IP I will get a NXDOMAIN.
This is only when looking up client which have got their IP by DHCP.
Static IP mappings will resolve correctly.

Also static mappings do not resolve.

I'm running pfSense behind my Pi-hole.
Conditional Forwarding has been setup correctly, IP and Local Domain Name are correctly. Triple checked.

Please generate a debug log, upload it and post the token here.

Also, please post the outputs of the two lookups you did.


Did some testing and thinking as well.
I think it's because the clients are on a different VLAN.
How can I circumvent this?

When I use the DNSresolver service of my pfSense box I do not have this problem. (just for the record)

Your debug doesn't shown any problems with the Pi-Hole operation.

See this thread:

And some other VLAN-related threads as well:

I have checked the threads but I can't seem to get it to work.
I've created /etc/dnsmasq.d/02-test.conf file and put in my other VLAN.
Restarted the Pi-hole server but it doesnt seem to work.

What are the contents of this file?


Also tried


[update 1:]
Last entries seem to work except traffic is being blocked on my firewall.
I should be able to fix that. :slight_smile:

[update 2:]
It's fixed now!
Created an ALLOW rule for port 53/DNS, destination This Firewall for the VLAN where my Pi-hole is in.

Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction @jfb !!

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