Commonly Whitelisted Domains

For Nord vpn as of 09/09/19 “” needs to be whitelisted for connection to be made on fire stick.

Epicgames Store: Whitelist and

How to I Whitelist A&E TV website? It says its my ad blocker, and I tried whitelosting some sites.

As a new user, using only the default pihole blacklists, could I just check whether people are still using these whitelists?

I haven't added any whitelists yet, but windows updates, google maps, keep are all working as I can test them.

But then I'd like to not get shouted at when something I haven't tested yet doesn't work.

So, do the new lists already take these into account or am I missing something?

Hello, after intensive googling...

Anyobe can help to whitelist NPO Start stuff (app website, etc.)? I cannot find what is blocked in order to get it working.

Thanks in advance.

No one has an answer?

jfb, thanks for taking the time to respond. I will try to use your tip (have done that already). But it is hard to do with a smart tv that does not start an app when pihole is running... having a normal home network (some phones, tablet and a PC etc...) make the logging very "quick" and it's not easy to see what device (tv) is looking up what... any tip for that? It would be very helpful to filter on a "looking up IP address" for real time...

You can look in /var/log/pihole.log for queries from the IP of the TV.

The papa john's where's my pizza requires:

I had to whitelist (not to make my youtube android app working!

@sanderl I got NPO Start to work by running:

pihole -w
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Nest Doorbell
Apparently the Nest Doorbell uses a different server...

pihole -w

i was successful in adding to the whitelist to fix CNN on Android

first time posting, hoping this is the right spot
CNN mobile app (wouldn't load on iphone)


does any know what should be whitelisted for further use of changing Microisoft bing background pictures on the start screen of Windows 10? Are there different addresses for germany?
Thanx a lot!


The Rakuten Viber image send failed.
But whitelisting this domain solves the problem!


Hi all!

Noticed that Fifa20 kept on disconnecting from the FUT servers once in a while. Problem went away after whitelisting some of the DNS queries.

Gather a list of commons DNS queries for the PS4 during boot up and Fifa20 (including FUT)

Command used:

pihole -t > pihole.log.ps4 (Gather all many queries. After boot up time and Fifa20 FUT starts)
cat pihole.log.ps4 | grep -i -e "<INSERT_IP>" | awk '{print $4}' | sort -nr | uniq


I am as stupid as you :wink: and cannot edit the article. It would be great if someone would do it, or tell me how that works.

I found the following url allows REHL online learning, training embedded videos to work properly:

Video would play; however, not show progress (continually showing it was loading) and thus not record your progression through the video in the course progress tracker.