Commonly Whitelisted Domains



Images won’t load in the cnn ios app without whitelisting

pihole -w


does anyone have CNN whitelist? videos doesnt play.


I don’t have access to edit directly (probably as I am a new user), but I just noticed a potential error in the Microsoft section, in the text area for “There are several domains discovered initially on Reddit”: - should most likely be updated to


Thank you. I corrected the typo.


Are you guys sure about Plex? I have nothing whitelisted and nothing is showing up blocked/pi-holed.

Just tried - no need to whitelist.
target - needs, and to search their site
BJs app - needs to show pictures of products in the app - my banking app needed this to permit functionality on iOS. seems to be tied with ThreatMetrix


It could be a few things. The blocklists are updated and change over time. It’s possible that it used to be blocked, but is no longer blocked.

In addition to the default blocklists, many users choose to add additional lists. So another possibility is that Plex may be blocked in other popular lists.


Is it possible to install this list of commonly whitelisted domains all in one go from the GUI? Failing that all in one go from the command line?


Try taking a look at this page for a batch command line option and more whitelisting suggestions:

Also, once you’re inside the web interface, you can navigate to the the white list section and simply copy and paste all of sites in one go.


We should add this to Whitelist too:


This endpoint is used for Windows Defender when Cloud-based Protection is enabled. If you turn off traffic for this endpoint, the device will not use Cloud-based Protection.

Used by Windows Defender Antivirus to provide cloud-delivered protection
(From +

This endpoint is used for content regulation. If you turn off traffic for this endpoint, the Windows Update Agent will be unable to contact the endpoint and fallback behavior will be used. This may result in content being either incorrectly downloaded or not downloaded at all.


Anyone know of problems resetting/setting-up slingbox when pi-hole is active? Are there specific slingbox domains that need to be whitelisted?


you have to whitelist for mobile CNN videos to load. I am trying to figure out what to whitelist to get CNET videos to load now.


How does one go about editing the wiki in this thread?
I will make a second post with my contributions grouped, until I figure this out and can merge them with the primary post.


Roku - ETWN App
Symptom: Episode thumbnails were not loading when blocked.

pihole -w

iOS - Ubiquiti WifiMan
Symptom: Red warning stating cannot be reached.

pihole -w
pihole -w


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Not sure if this is where I need to add this but vudu needs whitelisted in order to work


I was able to get CNN videos to load using I now have the following for CNN:,, and
I found this by watching the Query Log when attempting to watch a video.


A couple things:
for xbox live messages to work, I had to whitelist:
For ‘messages for web’ to display a qr code I had to whitelist:
There were a couple others I whitelisted to get the qr code to appear but this one actually worked after the whitelist.


Just in case anyone else ran into Twitter embeds not working in Google News for iOS, whitelisting worked for me.


Scratch Editor
Symptom: Crash of the Editor/“Non supported navigator” message.
pihole -w


As of last week Live Achievements stopped updating and is being blocked in the Pi-hole logs. Adding this to the whitelist restored Live Achievements updates.

pihole -w