Chrome/Firefox Add-on Remote switch


I have crated add on that is a remote switch for Pi-Hole to enable and disable the ad blocker with the specified time provide by the user without having to open a new tab and go to the server URL. It requires no other installs on the server. It just uses the API key.

I have uploaded the source code to my Github

One-Button Deaktivator

Look good and some adaptations/changes when I am using it on FF:

  • shorten the first line “Disable Pi-hole for [10] minutes” and put the entry field in the line.
  • text-line underneath: “Enter 0 to manually enable”
  • max value 99 minutes timeout or zero for manually enable

Cosmetic: when Pi-hole is running make the big button red and when Pi-hole is inactive make the button green and maybe change the wording to: OFF and ON in bigger letters.

You can also consider to use the Circle with standing Bar sign for on/off and make it black when on. As soon as you deactivate the display the word “disabled” and the on/off sign fade to grey. When the timeout is past, then display the word “enable” in black and also the switch. Also if manually Pi-hole is reactivated.

When you are advanced then you can also grey out the icon in the icon bar when Pi-hole is deactivated.

But it works now at is and I hope not to need it that much. :wink:


Thank you for the feedback! This was my first time using Javascript and CSS, I will add what you added to my list of things to change on it.

Temporary exception from the blacklist 5-15min