Checkbox on tail to grep for to watch for blocks only

Hi all not sure if this is super hard as I'm not a coder, but was thinking it would be nice to add a checkbox to the log tail screen so that when you're trying to find out why a site isn't working that you could watch only for the gravity blocks.

I got my pi-holes setup yesterday and while watching TV we decided to switch from Hulu to Netflix and Netflix didn't work. Well I wanted to troubleshoot it and my girlfriend got bored and pulled out her laptop and her cell phone and started going crazy on the DNS queries so it was hard for me to nail down the specifics of what was causing the netflix problem vs what was ads being blocked to her devices. She was a little perturbed that I had to ask her to take her hands off her devices and she be bored for a solid couple minutes while I fixed the netflix. ROFLMAO!

If you can implement this in a future update thanks!! :smile:

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