Changed local domain, GUI shows old one


Hi all,

I’m very happy with my Pihole :grin:

I have an Ubiquity USG which serves as a DHCP server, and my Pihole takes care of DNS. I recently changed my inernal domain from ‘localdomain’ to ‘whatever’ in the USG, but the GUI for Pihole still shows ‘.localdomain’ behind the name of the clients in the statistics.

I already flushed DNS, I checked the domain name in 01-pihole.conf (shows the new one), I added ‘domain=whatever’ in that config file, I changed the forwarding of resolution of local names to the new domain name in settings in the GUI, but still, the GUI shows the old one…

Any suggestions?


After you did this, did you restart pihole-FTL?

sudo service pihole-FTL restart


Yes, I already rebooted the Pi.


Please upload a debug log and post the token.




Well, I added a new host to my network (a pc that I don’t use very much), and it is getting the new domain name in the GUI. It seems like Pi-hole is “remembering” the old domain for clients before the change of the domain name.


Did you update the conditional forwarding settings?


Yes I did.


What is the output of host IPADDRESS for some IPADDRESS which should have a hostname with the new domain?


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