Change "Danger Zone!" to "System"

This isn't so much a feature request but more of a small change so apologies if this doesn't belong here! But would it be possible for the "Danger Zone!" text in settings via the PiHole web interface to be changed to "System"? Thanks for the consideration!

Hello @tristan1k, welcome to the Pihole community.

Could you please explain why you think this change should be made and why it uproves pihole?

Hi, thank you.

I feel "Danger Zone!" doesn't really fit what it contains, "System" would more accurately describe what's in the container (shutdown, restart etc) which affect the system and makes changes to the system. System could and would also refer to PiHole and the server as a whole.

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Yeah, it can be renamed for sure. I think it was me that labelled it that at the time... I was watching Archer a lot :wink:

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Thank you!

I took a look at the page earlier, and decided against renaming the box to system, if only for the fact that the tab is already called system

For now it will just have no header, but we are due a reshuffle of some of the menu heirachy in any case


These aren't advanced. They are just shortcuts to control some features that can also be done from the command line.

Looks good!

Implemented in v5.1. Heading was removed.