Capture download URLs from local devices such as Android


So right now the Galaxy S9 is receiving the Android Pie beta update, but Samsung have only released it in a few specific regions so obviously there are a lot of unhappy owners who also want to test the new build but cannot

As the update works on all devices regardless of region we are currently trying to find a way to capture the URL the phone requests to download the from eligible devices so we can share the update with everyone (XDA developers forums) as without root you cannot save the, and with root you cannot download it (Catch 22)

Obviously even if this feature request was approved it would not be available in time for this, but it would be an extremely useful feature in the future

So in a nutshell, Device A starts downloading a file, Pi-Hole captures the URL and displays it in real-time similar to the tail pihole log real-time does for requests

Not sure if this is basically adding an http(s) capture log to pihole? Rather than just DNS?

Not my area of expertise



Pi-hole will never receive the URL because the client only sends the DNS request.

If you want to see the URL you have to use Wireshark and a device like a router to convey the requested URL. In this way you also can capture the URL’s with no domainname but with a IP address in front.


Ah ok thanks