Can't get IPv6 working

I recently got a rpi3 and installed Raspbian Jessie Lite and pi-hole. Pi-hole is working correctly for IPv4 and ads are being blocked. However I can’t get blocking over IPv6 working correctly. During the install I selected both IPv4 and IPv6 using the defaults. So, for IPv6 it’s using fe80::4aca:35a5:583b:121d.

My router is an Archer C9 and in the IPv6 configuration section, when I try to specify the Primary DNS as the address above, I get an error saying “Invalid format.” I have options for DHCPv6 or SLAAC and prefix delegation (y/n). There is also a section for LAN, which has options for assigned type (DHCPv6, SLAAC+Stateless DHCP or SLAAC+RDNSS). Also has a place to put address prefix. All this stuff is blank.

IPv6 does work just fine when I specify my ISP as the IPv6 DNS. Also works when I specify Open DNS (2620:0:ccc::2).

I don’t understand why I can’t use the Pi as the IPv6 DNS, but using something like Open DNS works fine.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Have you tried changing the IPv6 DNS on a single device instead of the router? This would rule out a problem with your router.

Could you also pastebin the output of /var/log/pihole_debug.log after running pihole -d?

Having the same problem also with archer c9
my ip is : fd00::1:accc:de53:7c12:72a8
router just says its an invalid format

that looks like a valid IPV6 IP.

Try including the leading 0’s see if it takes it like that …

then i get this : FD00:0000:0000:0001:ACCC:DE53:7C12:72A8
but still it says invalid

Just to see what it wants … would it accept



Note: This IP is obviously wrong (it is a GUA address), it will just be interesting so see if it would accept it or not. If it does, than the router probably doesn’t like ULA addresses.

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