Can't connect to my admin interface after multiple attempts to connect

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Expected Behaviour:

Connect to my admin user interface on my web browser

Actual Behaviour:

I get the, "refused to connect sign and that this site can’t be reached.

Debug Token:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Pi-hole processes
[✗] lighttpd daemon is failed

What is the output from sudo systemctl status --full --no-pager lighttpd.service

This is what shows up.

pi@noads:~ $ man lighttpd
       -f  configfile
               Load configuration file configfile.
       -tt     Test  the  configuration  file for syntax errors, load and ini‐
               tialize modules, and exit.

Try below and select repair:

pihole -r

If that doesnt fix, try purge the lighttpd package, including config files:

sudo dpkg -P lighttpd

And re-install from apt cache:

sudo apt install --reinstall lighttpd

And have Pi-hole configure lighttpd by selecting repair:

pihole -r

Thank you very much for the quick reply I greatly appreciate it. Whenever i load the admin page now it just says 400 Bad Request in the top right corner of the page. Do i need to reinstall something else?
Thank you very much.

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Try below:

EDIT: restart after the change:

sudo service lighttpd restart

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That seemed to work.Thank you very much!!!

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